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17th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, Sept. 3-8, 2017

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Important Notice

Dear NURETH-17 Participants: 

Following awards were selected by the NURETH-17 Honors and Awards Committee.

Best Papers:

Title Authors
Eulerian modeling of turbulent bubbly flow based on a baseline closure concept Yixiang Liao, Tian Ma, Liu Liu, Thomas Ziegenhein, Eckhard Krepper, Dirk Lucas
High Resolution Velocity Field Measurements of Turbulent Round Free Jets in Uniform Environments Sunming Qin, Benedikt Krohn, John Downing, Victor Petrov, Annalisa Manera
Experimental observation of triggering mechanism of boiling crisis in pool boiling of water Satbyoul Jung, Hyungdae Kim
Simultaneous Measurements of Temperature and Flow Distributions inside Pendant Water Droplets Evaporating in Upward Air Stream using Temperature-sensitive Particles Qian Zhou, Nejdet Erkan, Koji Okamoto
Mechanistic Prediction of Wickability and CHF Enhancement on Micro- and Nano-Engineered Surfaces Md Mahamudur Rahman, Chi Wang, Giacomo Saccone, Matteo Bucci, Jacopo Buongiorno
Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Void Drift in Modern BWR Fuel Designs Jean-Marie Le Corre
High-Fidelity Simulation of Flow Induced Vibrations in Helical Steam Generators for Small Modular Reactors Elia Merzari, Haomin Yuan, Jerome Solberg, Aleksandr V. Obabko, Paul Fischer, Saya Lee, Jonathan K. Lai, Marilyn Delgado, Samuel Jongoh Lee, Yassin A. Hassan
Molten core concrete interaction with early top flooding - Results of the CCI8 experiment Bruno TOURNIAIRE, Mitchell T. Farmer, Kresna ATKHEN

Student Scholarship:
Hu Mao (XJTU)
Zidi Wang (The University of Tokyo)
Hong Hyun Son (Hanyang university)
Yangmo Zhu (NCSU)
Jialun Liu (XJTU)
Chen Wang (UIUC)
Marilyn Delgado (Texas A&M University)
Guojun Hu (UIUC)
Yuhang Zhong (NCEPU)
Jiaqi Li (Zhejiang University)

Best Reviewer:
Liang-ming Pan (Chongqing Univ.)  
Elia Merzari (ANL)
Yudong Zha (XJTU)
Xiaoliang Fu (SPICRI)
Randall Gauntt (SNL)

Young Professional Award:
Xirui Liu (XJTU)
Artyom Kossolapov (MIT)
Antonio Toti (SCK/UGhent)
Heleen Doolaard (NRG)
Marylin Delgado (TAMU)

Best Poster:
Title Authors
Force Balance Analysis for Lift-off of Vapor Bubble Sliding on a Heated Horizontal Tube Surface Yu-Na Kim, Jae Soon Kim, Goon-Cherl Park, Hyoung Kyu Cho (Seoul National University)
A multi-physics modelling approach for the evaluation of the gas bubbling system in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor Eric Cervi, Stefano Lorenzi, Antonio Cammi, Lelio Luzzi (Politecnico di Milano) 
Extension, Verification and Validation of the Molten Salt Contact with Non-Condensable Gas Problem on RELAP/SCDAPSIM/MOD4.0 Code Shuying Jiang, Zheng Fu (Innovative Systems Software), Maosong Cheng (SINAP), C.M. Allison, J.K. Hohorst (Innovative Systems Software)

NURETH Fellows:

Dominique Bestion
, from CEA.
For the contribution in modeling two-phase flow and developing advanced system thermal-hydraulic codes
Nam Truc Dinh, from NC State Univ.
For the contribution in developing effective severe accident management strategies for Gen. II and III LWRs
Francesco Saverio D'Auria, from University of Pisa.
For the contribution in developing validation and uncertainty quantification methods for thermal hydraulics codes


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About Xi'an

Xi’an held the title as China’s capital city for 13 dynasties. The city contains world renowned
heritages, which include the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the Mausoleum of
Emperor Qin Shi Huang, 
City Wall of Ming Dynasty, Forest of Stone Steles, Tang Dynasty
Cultural Theme Park, Shannxi History 
Museum, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, just to name a few.

Participants will have unlimited access to enjoy 
China's splendid ancient civilization in this
beautiful city while attending the meeting.


September 3 - 8, 2017
Qujiang Int’l Conference Center,
Xi’an, China

  • Honorary Chair
  • S. G. Wang (President, XJTU)
  • Honorary Co-Chair
  • N. E. Todreas (MIT)
  • General Chair
  • G. X. Li (President, CNS)
  • General Co-Chairs
  • F. B. Cheung (PSU)
  • J. H. Kim (KAIST)
  • Technical Program Chair
  • B. W. Yang (XJTU)
  • Technical Program Co-Chairs
  • Y. A. Hassan (TAMU)
  • H. Ninokata (POLIMI)


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